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M.Sc. Students

·         Ali Akhavan Safaei

·         Hamid Mohammadi

·         Ahmad Firouzian

·         Hamideh Tavoosi

·         Mostafa Hassanalian

·         Amir Hussein Karimi

Thesis Title: Vibration analysis of beams carrying a moving mass using Homotopy Method

·         Mohammad Jafari

Thesis Title: Finite Element Modeling of Grain and Grain Boundaries inNano and Micro Crystalline Materials

·         Mohammad Saeed Talaei

Thesis Title: Modeling of Grain and Grain Boundaries inNano Crystalline Materials Using Molecular Dynamics

·         Iman Dayyani

Thesis Title: Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Composite Corrugated Boards With Elastomeric Coatings

·         Hussein Ashrafizadeh

Thesis Title: Dynamic and Vibration Analysis of Vibratory Bowl Feeders

·         Masih Moore

Thesis Title: Modeling and Analysis of Bi-Stable Composite Plates

·         Shakib Katani

Thesis Title: Study of Metal Microstructures Using Finite Element Method

·         Yaser Mehranfar

Thesis Title: Designing and Manufacturing of a Helical Urban Wind Turbine

·         Nima Nouri

Thesis Title:Mechanical Properties Evaluation of Buckypaper Composite Using Molecular Dynamic Method Executable on Graphical Processing Units

·         Reza Hedayati

Thesis Title: An Investigation on Bird Impact with Airplane Horizontal Tail

·         Kaveh Darabi

Thesis Title: Impact Noise Prediction on the Floors of Buildings

·         Ehsan Reisi

Thesis Title: Effects of Different Parameters on Vibration Behavior of Bladed Disk System

·         Hoda Zarkoob

Thesis Title: Design Preparation Analysis and Modeling of Porous Barium Titanate with Nanostructured Hydroxyapatite Coating

·         Rasoul Ghayour

Thesis Title: Vibration Analysis of Rotating Tapered Composite Beams

·         Ahmadali Tahmasebi

Thesis Title: Finite Element Modeling of the Piezolaminated Beam Using Von Karman Nonlinear Strain-Displacement Relation

·         Bahram Shahin

Thesis Title: Modeling of disc brake squeal and use of different control strategies for its active suppression

·         Sara Adibi

Thesis Title: Finite Element Modeling of Wear in Nanocomposite Materials

·         Maedeh Ranjbar

Thesis Title: Numerical Simulation of Nonlinear Hyperelastic Materials Using Finite Element Method

·         Mohammad Rahimi

Thesis Title: Vibration Analysis of Mistuned Bladed Disk

·         Hadi Sanaei

Thesis Title: Design and analysis of point-fixed transparent component in tension structures

·         Tara Farizeh

Thesis Title: Vibrational Modelling and Analysis of a Mechanical System Equipped by Magneto-Rheological Fluid Damper

·         Zahra Ebrahimzadeh

Thesis Title: Simulation of elastic, vibrational and thermal behavior of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

·         Mohammadhussein Navidfar

Thesis Title: Investigation and Simulation of Vehicle Noise, Vibration and Harshness

·         Kamal Esmailfar

Thesis Title: Emergency Landing Simulation of Shahed 278 Composite Helicopter

·         Ali Rahravi

Thesis Title:Stability of Rotor With Asymmetric Heat Distribution Due to Journal Bearing

·         Saeed Rahmanian

Thesis Title: Numerical Modelling of Microstructural Evolution in Thermomechanhcal Operation of Metal Forming

·         Javad Kadkhodapour

Thesis Title: Finite Element Simulation of Particle Reinforced Nano-Composite Material

·         Meysam Rasouli

Thesis Title: Prediction of Failure Pressure in Gas and Petroleum Pipeline for Corrosion

·         Mohammad Silani

Thesis Title: Vibration Characteristics of a Cracked Rotor using FEM

·         Reza Tikani

Thesis Title: Vibration Analysis of Thick Plates With Piezoelectric Patches Using Finite Element Method

·         Mahdi Foroughi

Thesis Title: The effect of ground fault and earthquake on buried pipeline by finite element method

·         Ehsan Kouchaki

Thesis Title: Stability analysis of rotor with asymmetric heat distribution due to rub

·         Masoud Jafari

Thesis Title: Use of Experimental data in Balance of flexible rotors

·         Hussein Zamani

Thesis Title: Vibration Analysis of Helicopter Main Rotor

·         Amir Alaei

Thesis Title: A Study on Crack Propagation in Elastic Media

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