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Ph.D. Students

·         Noushin Torabian

·         Amir Alaei

·         Nima Nouri

·         Mohammad Silani

Thesis Title: Modeling of Damage Initiation and Propagation in Clay-Nanocomposites Using Extended Finite Element Method (XFEM)

·         Mojtaba Eftekhari

Thesis Title: Design of Vibration Absorber for Reducing Nonlinear Vibrations of Composite Beam Under Harmonic Base Excitation

·         Javad Kadkhodapour

Thesis Title: Numerical and Experimental Evaluation of Mechanical Properties for Dual Phase Steels in Micro and Nano Scale

·         Heshmatollah MohammadKhanloo

Thesis Title: Chaotic vibration analysis of rotating continuous flexible shaft-disk system with rubbing

·         Mahdi Salehi

Thesis Title: Development of numerical and experimental vibration-based methods in structural damage detection

·         Reza Tikani

Thesis Title: Modeling, Design and Fabrication of Semi-Active and Active Hydraulic Engine Mount Using Magneto-rheological Fluids

·         Alireza Ariaei

Thesis Title:Dynamic Response of Cracked Timoshenko Beams Subjected to Moving Masses

·         Abdoreza Kabiri

Thesis Title: Improvement of Model of Fiber-Kinking Failure Mode of Unidirectional Laminated Composites

·         Koroush Hassanpour

Thesis Title: The Viscoelastic-Plastic Behaviour of Polymeric and Elastomeric Materials in Large Deformations Using Finite Element Method

·         Mohammad Mashayekhi

Thesis Title: Three Dimensional Damage Evolution in Ductile Materials

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