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An experimental and numerical investigation on damping capacity of nanocomposite

M. Yadollahpour, J. Kadkhodapour, S. Ziaei-Rad, F. Karimzadeh

Materials Science and Engineering: A, Volume 507, Issues 1-2, 15 May 2009, pp 149-154



In the present study, the damping capacity of a metal–matrix nanocomposite is predicted using a micro-mechanical modeling approach. The model is based on finite element analysis of a unit cell, which mimics a pure metallic lattice with stiff reinforcing nanoparticles. The dissipated energy of nanocomposite is predicted numerically by applying a harmonic load on the unit cell model. The model was then validated by comparing the numerical results against an impact based suspended cylinder experiment conducted at low strain amplitude on Al–Zn/α-Al2O3 of nanocomposite. Good agreement was observed between the predicted and experimental values. Finally, a parametric study was carried out to calculate the effects of different parameters such as reinforcement volume fraction and grain size on the damping characteristics of nanocomposite.



Damping capacity; Nanocomposite; Grain size; Reinforcement; Finite element; Modal testing


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