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Fabrication, measurements and Mechanical properties evaluation of nanocomposite Al6061-Al2O3 using finite element method

S. Adibi, S. Ziaei-Rad, F. Karimzadeh 

Journal of Numerical Methods in Engineering, Vol. 31, No. 2, 1, pp. 115-131, 2013 (In Farsi 1391)



In this paper, a technique for fabrication of nanocomposite Al6061-Al2O3 is presented. Next, the mechanical propertiess of the nanocomposite are obtained by experimental and simulation techniques. The volume of alumina is 0-3% in nanocomposite. Since the yield and hardness of nanocomposite are grain dependence, the Hall-Petch relation is used. Different unit cell methods are utilized to simulate the stress-strain diagram of the nanostructured aluminium and nanocomposite Al6061- Al2O3 in simple tension test. To do the modeling, a unit load is applied on the unit cell and the stress and strain in all nodes are homogenized to derive the stress-strain curve of the whole cell. A good degree of correlation is observed between experimental and predicted data. The results also indicate that the use of unit cell and embedded unit cell for modeling nanocomposites is both simple and powerful.
Nanocomposite; Alumina particles; Finite Element Method; Hall-Petch Effect; Simple Tenson Test
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