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Identification and Validation of a Ductile Damage Model for A533 Steel

M. Mashayekhi, S. Ziaei-Rad

Journal of Material Processing Technology, Vol. 177, pp. 291-295, 2006



In this paper, first, an experimental procedure to identify the damage parameters has been established for A533-B1 alloy steel under stress triaxiality condition. Next, a fully coupled constitutive elastic–plastic-damage model has been developed and implemented inside ABAQUS implicit code. The model was then used to simulate the ductile damage behavior of a flat rectangular notched bar specimen test. The experimentally extracted damage parameters from the flat rectangular notched bar were then used to construct a separated model for simulation ductile damage behavior of standard specimen on compact tension (CT) test. The reaction forces and the critical force required for crack initiation was calculated and compared with those obtained from the real CT test. The comparisons indicate good agreement between the simulated and experimental results.



Ductile damage; Damage measurement; Crack initiation; Compact tension


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