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An Investigation on Failure Analysis of Titanium Gas Turbine Compressor Blades

H. Sepehri Amin, A. Kermanpur, S. Ziaei Rad, H. Farhangi, M. Mosaddeghfar

Materials Science Forum Vols. 561-565, pp. 2241-2244, 2007



Several premature failures were occurred in the high-pressure section of an industrial gas turbine compressor due to the fracture of Titanium blade roots. In this work, the failure process of the compressor blades was investigated based on the experimental characterisation. Macro/microfractographic studies were carried out on the fracture surfaces. Optical and scanning electron microscopy of the blade airfoil and root were performed. Mechanical properties of the blade alloy were also evaluated and compared with the standard specifications. The experimental results showed no metallurgical and mechanical defects for the blade materials. Microstructures of the blade root and airfoil as well as the hardness and tensile properties were all comparable with those reported in the standard specification AMS 4928Q. Fractography experiments showed clearly multiple crack initiation sites and fatigue beach marks. Debris particles were observed on the fracture surface of samples and in the mouth of initiated cracks. The blade surface in contact to the disc in the dovetail region showed a higher surface roughness than the other surfaces. Based on the results obtained, the fretting fatigue mechanism was proposed for the premature failures. It was concluded that the stress concentration has been caused by either unsuitable curvature ratio of the disk dovetail, incorrect design of the blade or insufficient distance between the blade root and the disk in dovetail region.



Blade, Compressor, Failure Analysis, Fractography, Fretting Fatigue


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