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Investigation of Material Model, Equation of State and Mesh density on Numerical Simulation of Bird Strike

Reza Hedayati, Saeed Ziaei-Rad

Journal of Mechanical Engineering (Tabriz), Vol.42, No.1, Spring and Summer 2012



Impact between birds and an aircraft, known as ìbird strike eventî is a common and dangerous phenomenon in aviation industry. Experimental tests for bird strike certification are very expensive and time consuming. In order to decrease the number of costly sample tests, a trustworthy analytical tool is necessary to precisely predict the structural responses of bird and the target. One of the most efficient methods in bird strike analysis is finite element method. Bird Strike simulation consists of several parameters. Variations in any of parameters can change the numerical results tremendously. In this study, effect of variations in mesh density, material model and equation of state (EOS) is investigated and the most efficient parameters on the simulation results are introduced. Results show that numerical simulations which use coarse mesh, null material model and Gruneisen EOS can properly predict experimental results.
Bird strike, Equation of state, Materialmodel, Mesh density, LS-SYNA 



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