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Non-linear non-planar vibrations of geometrically imperfect inextensional beams, Part I: Equations of motion and experimental validation

O. Aghababaei, H. Nahvi, S. Ziaei-Rad

International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, Vol. 44, No. 2, pp 146-159, 2009



The non-linear equations and boundary conditions of non-planar (two bending and one torsional) vibrations of inextensional isotropic geometrically imperfect beams (i.e. slightly curved and twisted beams) are derived using the extended Hamilton's principle. The assumptions of Euler–Bernoulli beam theory are used. The order of magnitude of the natural geometric imperfection is assumed to be the same as the first order of vibrations amplitude. Although the natural imperfection is small, in contrast to the case of straight beams (i.e. geometrically perfect beams), this study shows that the vibration equations are linearly coupled and have linear and quadratic terms in addition to cubic terms. Also, in the case of near-square or near-circular beams, coupling terms between lateral and torsional vibrations exist. Furthermore, a problem of parametric excitation in the case of perfect beams changes to a problem of mixed parametric and external excitation in the case of imperfect beams. The validity of the model is investigated using the existing experimental data.



Geometric imperfection; Inextensional beam; Hamilton's principle


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