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Non-linear non-planar vibrations of geometrically imperfect inextensional beams. Part II—Bifurcation analysis under base excitations

O. Aghababaei, H. Nahvi, S. Ziaei-Rad

International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, Vol. 44, No. 2, pp 161-179, 2009



The non-linear non-planar steady-state responses of a near-square cantilevered beam (a special case of inextensional beams) with general imperfection under harmonic base excitation is investigated. By applying the combination of the multiple scales method and the Galerkin procedure to two non-linear integro-differential equations derived in part I, two modulation non-linear coupled first-order differential equations are obtained for the case of a primary resonance with a one-to-one internal resonance. The modulation equations contain linear imperfection-induced terms in addition to cubic geometric and inertial terms. Variations of the steady-state response amplitude curves with different parameters are presented. Bifurcation analyses of fixed points show that the influence of geometric imperfection on the steady-state responses can be significant to a great extent although the imperfection is small. The phenomenon of frequency island generation is also observed.



Geometric imperfection; Inextensional beam; Fixed-point; Bifurcation


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