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Numerical Analysis of Damage Evolution in Ductile Solids

M. Mashayekhi, S. Ziaei Rad, J. Parvizian, K. Nikbin, H. Hadavinia

Structural Integrity and Durability, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 67-82, 2005



The continuum mechanical simulation of microstructural damage process is important in the study of ductile fracture mechanics. An essential feature in these analyses, is the strong influence of stress triaxiality ratio, i.e. the ratio of mean stress to equivalent stress, on the rate of damage growth. In this paper, finite element simulation of damage evolution and fracture initiation in ductile solids will be investigated. A fully coupled constitutive elastic-plastic-damage model has been implemented. The stress update algorithm for the constitutive model is presented together with the consistent tangent operator, which is needed for implicit FEA. Simulations are performed and the results are compared with the numerical and experimental ones in the literature and good agreements were found between them.



Ductile fracture, Continuum damage, Triaxiality


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