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Numerical and experimental investigation on coupled bending-bending-torsion vibration of helicopter blades with initial twist angle

H. Zamani, S. Ziaei-Rad

Journal of Esteghlal, Vol. 25, No. 2, pp. 165-182, 2007 (In Farsi)



An approximate numerical method is presented for analysis and determination of modal characteristics in straight, pretwisted non-uniform helicopter blades. The analsysis considers the coupled flapwise bending (out of plane), chordwise bending (in plane), and torsion vibration of both rotating and non-rotating blades. The proposed method is based on the integral expansion of Green functions (structural influence functions) to develop the equations of motion for a clamped-free blade. Several examples are presented in various states such as flapwise bending, coupled bending-bending, coupled bending-torsion, and coupled bending-bending-torsion vibration analysis. The results obtained were compared with available numerical results in the literature. A modal testing and modal analysis were also carried out on a typical helicopter blade in static condition and the results were compared with the numerical ones. The results indicate that the proposed method is fast and robust and can be used for modeling of turbomachine blades, aircraft propellers and helicopter rotor blades.
Coupled vibration, Green functions, Helicopter blade, Modal testing, Modal analysis

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