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Repair of a cracked Timoshenko beam subjected to a moving mass using piezoelectric patches

A. Ariaei, S. Ziaei-Rad, M. Ghayour

International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, Volume 52, Issue 8, August 2010, Pages 1074-1091



This paper presents an analytical method for the application of piezoelectric patches for the repair of cracked beams subjected to a moving mass. The beam equations of motion are obtained based on the Timoshenko beam theory by including the dynamic effect of a moving mass traveling along a vibrating path. The criterion used for the repair is altering the first natural frequency of the cracked beam towards that of the healthy beam using a piezoelectric patch. Conceptually, an external voltage is applied to actuate a piezoelectric patch bonded on the beam. This affects the closure of the crack so that the singularity induced by the crack tip will be decreased. The equations of motion are discretized by using the assumed modes method. The cracked beam is modeled as number of segments connected by two massless springs at the crack locations (one, extensional and the other, rotational). The relationships between any two spans can be obtained by considering the compatibility requirements on the crack section and on the ends of the piezoelectric patch. Using the analytical transfer matrix method, eigensolutions of the system can be calculated explicitly. Finally, numerical simulations are performed with respect to different conditions such as the moving load velocity. It is seen that when the piezoelectric patch is used, the maximum deflection of the cracked beam approaches maximum deflection of the healthy beam.



Active repair; Piezoelectric actuator; Cracked Timoshenko beams; Moving mass; Transfer matrix method


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