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Simulation of Chatter in Cold Rolling Strip using Finite Element Method

R. Mehrabi, S. Ziaei-Rad, M. Salimi

Amirkabir Journal of Science & Technology, Vol. 42, 2010, No. 1, pp. 89-99



Chatter is a particular case of self-excited vibrations, which arise in rolling operations because of the interaction between the structural dynamics of the mill stand and dynamics of the rolling process. The model presented here has two sub models one for structure of the mill and the other for the rolling process. The structure of a mill stand modeled as a system of linear spring and lumped masses in order to simulation the interaction between the rolls. In this paper, to analyze the chatter vibration a dynamic model of cold rolling process using finite element method (FEM) is considered. The influence of rolling parameters such as rolling speed, reduction and friction coefficient on chatter vibration is investigated and it was showed that the possibility of chatter onset increased by raising the rolling velocity and decrease friction coefficient. Predicted values of the model are in good agreement with that of the experiments as well as the values obtained by other researchers.



MIll; Chatter; Rolling; Self Excited Vibration


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