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Simulation the mechanical behaviour of polycrystalline Fe by using crystal plasticity and Molecular dynamic methods

M. Jafari, M.S. Talei, S. Ziaei-Rad

Modares Journal of Mechanics, Vol. 13, No. 9, December 2013 (1392 Farsi) , pp. 138-148



Metals have a crystalline structure and the plastic flow in these materials occurred in special crystalline planes and directions. This mechanism is somehow resembles the metals plastic deformation in the microscopic level. In such mechanism, non-homogeneity of the microstructure and the effect of crystalline direction play a major rule of the material behavior. In this study, crystal plasticity constitutive equations are used to investigate the crystalline direction effect and material texture. Voronoi method is used for simulating the non-homogeneity of the microstructure in plastic deformation. In addition, the elastic modulus parameters for the model are obtained by molecular dynamic simulations. Finally, the plastic deformation of Fe metal is simulated with the finite element method and good agreement was observed with the available experimental data.



Crystal Plasticity, Voronoi Method, Molecular Dynamic, Finite Element.


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