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A Structural Damage Detection Technique Based on Measured Frequency Response Functions

M. Salehi, S. Ziaei-Rad, M. Ghayour, M.A. Vaziri-Zanjani

Contemporary Engineering Sciences, Vol. 3, 2010, no. 5, 215 - 226



Structural damage detection using vibration test data has been received great  attention from many researchers in last few decades. Most of proposed methods yet, utilize extracted modal parameters or some indices constructed by these  parameters. Few papers deal with application of Frequency Response Functions
(FRFs) in structural damage detection. In this paper, a technique of damage  detection based on real and imaginary parts of measured FRFs is presented. The method uses intact and damaged state information of structure so the need for  analytical model is eliminated. Using real and imaginary residual FRF shape signals results in promising damage indicative features. A kind of abnormality is observed in residual FRF shapes in damaged sites which is detected via Gapped Smoothing Method (GSM). The method is demonstrated through some numerical  and experimental case studies. 



Damage Detection, Frequency Response Function, Vibration Test  Data 

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