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Uncertainty treatment in forced response calculation of mistuned bladed disk

Mohammad Rahimi, Saeed Ziaei-Rad

Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 80 (2010), pp 1746–1757



Mistuning, imperfections in cyclical symmetry of bladed disks is an inevitable and perilous occurrence due to many factors including manufacturing tolerances and in-service wear and tear. It can cause some unpredictable phenomena such as mode splitting, mode localization and dramatic difference in forced vibration response. In this paper first, a method is presented which calculates the forced vibration response of a mistuned system based on an exact relationship between tuned and mistuned systems. Then, the genetic algorithm is used for solving an optimization problem to find the worst-case response of bladed-disk assembly. The second part tries to find methods to reduce the system worst-case response. Intentional mistuning which breaks the nominal symmetry of a tuned bladed disk and rearranging the bladed-disk assembly are introduced and used to reduce the system worst-case response. Finally, a two degree of freedom per blade simplified model with 56 blades is used to demonstrate the capabilities of the techniques in reducing the worst response of the bladed-disk system.



Worst response; Mistuned bladed disk; Genetic algorithm; Intentional mistuning


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