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Vibration Analysis of Rotating Systems with Open and Breathing Cracks

M. Silani, S. Ziaei-Rad, H. Talebi

Applied Mathematical Modelling 37 (2013) 9907–9921



This paper is concerned with vibration analysis of rotating systems containing cracks. The flexibility matrix of cracked element is calculated with modified integration limits which is more accurate than conventional methods. The effect of this modification on the coefficients of flexibility matrix is presented for a simple rotor system containing open crack. To model the crack breathing behavior, a new finite element approach is introduced and implemented. Then, the dynamic response of a rotor with a breathing crack is evaluated by using the frequency/time domain approach (short time Fourier transform). The ability of short time Fourier transform to detect small cracks is investigated and compared with the transient response. The results provide a possible basis for an on-line monitoring system.



  • Rotor dynamics
  • Breathing crack
  • Short time Fourier transform
  • Condition monitoring

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