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The main objective of the course is to obtain the dynamic response of single and multiple degree-of-freedom (DOF) systems.

  1. Math preliminaries
  2. Developing equations of motion
  3. Single DOF Vibrations
  4. Multiple DOF Vibrations
  5. Vibration absorbers
  6. Natural frequencies and Mode shapes n
  7. Mode shapes normalization and modal analysis
  8. Solving for discrete system vibration


  1. Introduction
    1. Mathematical preliminaries
    2. Oscillatory motion
    3. Industrial applications
  2. Single degree of freedom (SDoF) systems
  3. Derive the equations of motion for SDof systems
    1. Newton’s equation of motion
    2. Work and energy equation
  4. Free vibration of undamped SDoF systems
  5. Forced Vibration of undamped SDoF systems
  6. Types of damping in structures
  7. Viscous damping
  8. Coulomb damping
  9. Structural damping
  10. Free vibration of damped SDoF systems
  11. Forced vibration of damped SDoF systems
  12. Vibration isolation
  13. Transmissibility
  14. Transient analysis of SDoF systems
  15. Equation of motion
  16. Free vibration of undamped MDoF systems
    1. Natural frequencies
    2. Mode shapes
    3. Time response of MDoF systems
  17. Forced response of MDoF systems
  18. Base motion
  19. Vibration absorbers
  20. Lagrange’s method
  21. Modal superposition
  22. Dunkerely’s method
  23. Rayliegh’s method
  24. Direct iteration method
  25. Multi degrees of freedom (MDoF) systems
  26. Approximation techniques in estimation of natural frequencies and mode shapes
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Fall 2012

ارتقاء امنیت وب با وف بومی