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Bandgap and wave attenuation optimization of tetra-chiral metamaterial using PSO algorithm

V. Tikani, S. Ziaei-Rad and H. Moosavi

Journal of Vibration and Control



The development of vibration suppression systems with desired efficiency and low cost is one of the significant challenges in engineering. In this study, a parametric lattice model is considered to analyze the wave mitigation features in the metamaterial based on a tetra-chiral topology of the periodic cell equipped with internal resonators. Bloch wave theorem and finite element method are employed to explore the bandgap of the structure and its wave mitigation features. Since the unit cell geometry can be designed to open and shift bandgaps, particle swarm optimization algorithm is used to find the largest possible gap in the desired frequency range. The optimization method is programmed using MATLAB combined with an in-house finite element solver, considering the parameters' ranges to ensure geometric compatibility. In all studied cases, the optimized geometry leads to superior vibration suppression and larger complete bandgaps.



A. Mechanical metamaterial; B. Vibration attenuation; C.Optimization algorithm; D. Bandgap; E. Wave mitigation


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