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Control of Nonlinear Vibration in Bi-Stable Composite Plates using Fuzzy Logic

A. Firouzian-Nejad, S. Ziaei-Rad and M.S. Taki

Computational Methods in Engineering, Volume 34, Number 3, January 2016, Pages 123-142



Having two stable configurations and no need to any permanent energy sources for remaining in each of these stable states, bi-stable composite plates have gained many applications. This paper has concentrated on control and dynamic response of cross ply bi-stable composite plates (0,90). To do this, using Hamilton principle , Rayleigh-Ritz method, and a MATLAB programme specifically designed for this study, have been applied in order to extract the governing equation of motions in plates. Then, in order to control the large vibration of the cross ply bi-stable plate, a fuzzy controller was proposed using a fuzzy logic and its prformance was simulated by Simulink in Matlab environment. In order to simulate the real conditions on the controller performance, the effect of disturbances and time delay on the responses of controller were also investigated.



A. Bi-stable composite plate; B. Snap-through; C. Nonlinear vibration; D. Fuzzy logic; E. Control.


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