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Design and Modeling of an Active Hydraulic Engine Mount Using FXLMS Algorithm for Automotive Applications

R. Tikani, S. Ziaei Rad, N. Vahdati and S. Heidari

Modares Mechanical Engineering, Volume 15, Issue 1, October 2014, Pages 59-66



Hydraulic engine mounts are widely used in aerospace and automotive applications for vibration isolation. Here in this paper an active engine mounting system is proposed which not only acts like an isolator in a wide range of frequencies, but also performs as a damper when shock inputs and engine resonances are present. The proposed new design consists of a conventional passive fluid mount, an electromagnetic actuator (voice coil) and a capacitive circuit. The voice coil is placed in the lower chamber of the passive fluid mount and it can change the volumetric stiffness of the bottom chamber actively such that the mount has low dynamic stiffness in a wide range of frequencies. The capacitive circuit is paralleled with the voice coil and in situations when large shock inputs are present; it adds capacitance to the electromagnetic circuit and changes the characteristics of the mount from an isolator to a damper. Here in this paper the physical and mathematical models of the new mounting system are presented, the simulation results are shown and the performances of the proposed design in all active, passive and damper conditions are demonstrated.



A. Active engine mount; B. Vibration isolation; C. Electromagnetic actuator; D. Filtered-X LMS


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