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Effects of mistuning on dynamic behavior of nonlinear cyclic systems with lump masses and cubic nonlinearity

E. Raeisi Estabragh, S. Ziaei-Rad and M. Rahimi

Mechanics & Industry, Volume 17, Number 4, May 2016, 409



Mistuning in cyclic symmetric systems increases severely the forced response of system and splits the modes. This paper concerns with nonlinear behavior of mistuned cyclic systems. A nonlinear, mistuned model based on the method of multiple scales is proposed and formulated in which nonlinearity and mistuning parameter is assumed to be in of low order. Next, two mistuned systems were considered and solved by the multiple scale technique. Numerical results demonstrate that mistuning can lead to repeating and scattering of jump phenomena during the excitation frequency whereas in tuned cyclic system it occurs simultaneously (synchronously).



A. Nonlinear vibrations; B. Bladed disk; C. Mistuned system; D. Multiple scale method


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