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Electro-Magneto wave propagation of nanostructure-nanofluid systems resting on an electromagnetic visco-Pasternak medium

S. Oveissi, M. Salehi, A. Ghassemi, S.A. Eftekhari and S. Ziaei-Rad

Journal of Vibration and Sound, Volume 11, Issue 21, October 2022, Pages 119-156



This article investigates the effect of magnetic and electric force fields with positive or negative voltages on wave propagation and phase velocity of nanosystems, including structure-fluid interaction. To this end, nanofluid conveying cylindrical carbon nanoshells with axial movement embedded on electromagnetic visco-Pasternak media are considered. Herein, it is assumed that the elastic visco-Pasternak medium includes springs in the form of airy coils. Thus, applying an electric field to the system cause to make a magnetic field and a magnetic-electric-elastic (MEE) nanosystem is obtained. The magnetic field will affect both the structure and the flowing fluid respectively by applying the Lorentz force and using the Knudsen and Hartmann numbers and then the phonon scattering occurs. The governing equations under hydrodynamic, electric, magnetic, and shear forces are derived based on the cylindrical-sinusoidal-nonlocal high-order shear deformation (CSN-HSDT) proposed theory using the energy method and generalized Navier-Stokes equations. The results obtained in this research can be used in the design and manufacturing the health measuring instruments, energy harvesting, and drug transporting vessels on a nano-scale.



A. Wave propagation; B. Cylindrical carbon nanoshells with axial movement; C. Lorentz force; D. Magnetic-electric-elastic fields; E. Electromagnetic visco-Pasternak media


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