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Finite Element Analysis on Chattering in Cold Rolling and Comparison With Experimental Results

R. Mehrabi, M. Salimi and S. Ziaei-Rad

Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, Volume 137, Issue 6, December 2015, 061013



In this paper, the chattering phenomenon in cold rolling is investigated in reference to the finite element method (FEM). The structure of the mill stand is modeled as a system of linear springs and lumped masses while the rolling process is modeled utilizing an implicit FEM. Assembling the two models makes it possible to detect the chatter during the rolling process. The assembled model is capable of perceiving variations in forces generated during the process that deflects the structure of the mill leading to variations at the roll gap and the roll speed. The influences of some rolling parameters on chatter vibration are investigated. Predicted values of the model are in good agreement with that of the experiments as well as the values obtained by other researchers.



A. Chattering Phenomenon; B. Cold Rolling; C. Finite Element Method; D. Friction Coefficient; E. Experiment


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