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A frequency response based structural damage localization method using independent component analysis

Mehdi Salehi, Saeed Ziaei-Rad, Mostafa Ghayour, Mohammad Ali Vaziri-Zanjani

Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, March 2013, Volume 27, Issue 3, pp 609-619



Vibration-based structural damage detection has been the focus of attention by many researchers over the last few decades. However, most methods proposed for this purpose utilize extracted modal parameters or some indices constructed on the basis these parameters. Our literature review revealed that few papers have employed frequency response functions (FRFs) for detecting structural damage. In this paper, a technique is presented for damage detection which is based on measured FRFs. Independent component analysis (ICA) has been implemented on the spatiotemporal responses in each frequency in order to reduce the dimension of the data. This is based on the concept that the forced harmonic response of a linear vibrating system can be fully captured utilizing a single ICA mode. A different approach is also presented in which ICA is applied to the frequency domain data. Operational deflection shapes (ODSs) have been decomposed using ICA to localize the damage. The efficiency of both methods is demonstrated through some numerical and experimental case studies.



Damage detection; Frequency response; Independent component analysis


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