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A geometrically exact model for predicting statics and snap-through behaviors of bi-stable composite laminates

M.S. Taki, R. Tikani and S. Ziaei-Rad

Composite Structures, Volume 267, March 2021, 113826



The present study aimed to analyze the stable states and the snap-through forces of square and rectangular bi-stable composite laminates with [03/903] stacking sequence and large to very large displacements and medium to large rotations. Also, the effect of lateral length and aspect ratio of these laminates on their stable states and snap-through forces were analyzed. For this purpose, a realistic geometric exact model of plate (GEMP) was developed based on continuum mechanics. In addition, the analysis was also performed with a commonly used model based on classical laminated‐plate theory (CLPT) with Von-Karman strains. FEM simulations were used to validate the results of these theoretical models. The static equations of the system were derived using the principle of virtual work and Rayleigh-Ritz method. Good consistency was observed between the results of the proposed GEMP and the FEM models, especially for laminates with very large displacements and large rotations.



A. Bi‐stable composite laminates; B. Geometrically exact model of plate (GEMP); C. Classical laminated‐plate theory (CLPT); D. Von‐Karman strains; E. Very large displacements; F. Large rotations


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