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Inverse Design of Supersonic Diffuser with Flexible Walls Using a Genetic Algorithm

S. Ziaei-Rad, M. Ziaei-Rad

Journal of Fluid and Structures, No. 22, pp. 529-540, 2006



An efficient algorithm for the design optimization of the compressible fluid flow problem through a flexible structure is presented. The methodology has three essential parts: first the behavior of compressible flow in a supersonic diffuser was studied numerically in quasi-one-dimensional form using a flux splitting method. Second, a fully coupled sequential iterative procedure was used to solve the steady state aeroelastic problem of a flexible wall diffuser. Finally, a robust Genetic Algorithm was implemented and used to calculate the optimum shape of the flexible wall diffuser for a prescribed pressure distribution.



Compressible flow; Optimization; Genetic Algorithm; Supersonic diffuser


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