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An Investigation on Mechanical Behavior of Barium Titanate Foam with Hydroxyapatite

H. Zarkob, S. Ziaei-Rad, M. Fathi, H. Dadkhah

Ceramics International 38 (2012) 3445–3451



In this study the mechanical behavior of barium titanate foam with hydroxyapatite coating under compressive loads was studied. The effect of foam’s porosity and hydroxyapatite coating was investigated in uniaxial compression tests. The results show that the coating magnifies the pressure strength of the structure about five times and enhances its mechanical properties. The uniaxial compression test was simulated in a finite element package in which the porous structure was modeled by crushable foam material model. The results of simulation demonstrate a reasonable correspondence with the experimental data. The results also show that crushable foam material is a good candidate for modeling mechanical
behavior of barium titanate foams under compression.
  • Mechanical properties
  • Barium titanate foam
  • Hydroxyapatite coating
  • Finite element modeling
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