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A new approach to design safe-supported HDD against random excitation by using optimization of rubbers spatial parameters

S.R. Alavi, M. Rahmati and S. Ziaei-Rad

Microsystem Technologies, Volume 23, Issue 6, April 2016, Pages 2023–2032



Hard disk drives (HDDs) of laptop personal computers (LPCs) are devices vulnerable in harsh mechanical environments. Hence, they need to be protected against damages due to vibration in order to have better read/write performance. In the present study, a LPC and its HDD are modeled as a system with two degrees of freedom and the nonlinear optimization method is employed to perform a passive control through minimizing the root mean square of HDD absolute acceleration due to a base random excitation. The presented random excitation is considered as a stationary, zero mean process with Gaussian distribution. In addition, eleven inequality constraints are defined based on geometrical limitations and allowable intervals of lumped modal parameters. The target of the optimization is to obtain optimum modal parameters of rubber mounts and rubber feet as design variables and subsequently propose new characteristics of rubber mounts and rubber feet to be manufactured for HDD protection against random excitation. In this paper, a nonlinear optimization problem is separately solved for three widely-used cases of HDD by using modified constrained steepest descent algorithm (PLBA) which was extended based on sequential quadratic programming. Finally, the genetic algorithm is used to verify results of the PLBA algorithm.



A. Root Mean Square; B. Hard Disk Drive; C. Random Excitation; D. Absolute Acceleration; E. Sequential Quadratic; F. Programming Method


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