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Nonplanar vibration and flutter analysis of vertically spinning cantilevered piezoelectric pipes conveying fluid

R. Ebrahimi and S. Ziaei-Rad

Ocean Engineering, Volume 261, August 2022, Pages 112180



In this paper a dynamical model for vertically spinning cantilevered piezoelectric pipes conveying fluid is proposed. The partial differential equations of motion are derived by the Hamilton's principle in two different planes. The gyroscopic coupling, electromechanical coupling and gravitational effects are considered. The partial differential equations are discretized by the Galerkin's procedure. The complex eigenvalue calculation is used to find the critical flutter velocities. Then, dynamic trajectories and stability are discussed with regard to the flow velocity, resistive load, spinning speed and piezoelectric layer spanning angle. The results show that various stability evolution can be attainable by use of different flow velocities, resistive loads and spinning speeds. Attachment of piezoelectric layer can improve the stability of the pipe conveying fluid. Also, it is found that, depending on the resistive load, the system can be stabilized or destabilized by decreasing the spinning speed. The results of this study can be useful in designing electromechanical systems.



A. Spinning cantilever pipe; B. Vertically hanging; C. Piezoelectric; D. Nonplanar vibration; E. Flutter; F. Fluid–structure interaction


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