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Optimization of spiral-shaped piezoelectric energy harvester using Taguchi method

R. Tikani, L. Torfenezhad, M. Mousavi, and S. Ziaei-Rad

Journal of Vibration and Control, Volume 24, Issue 19, August 2017, Pages 4484-4491



Nowadays, environmental energy resources, especially mechanical vibrations, have attracted the attention of researchers to provide energy for low-power electronic circuits. A common method for environmental mechanical energy harvesting involves using piezoelectric materials. In this study, a spiral multimode piezoelectric energy harvester was designed and fabricated. To achieve wide bandwidth in low frequencies (below 15 Hz), the first three resonance frequencies of the beam were designed to be close to each other. To do this, the five lengths of the substrate layer were optimized by the Taguchi method, using an L27 orthogonal array. Each experiment of the Taguchi method was then simulated in ANSYS software. Next, the optimum level of each design variable was obtained. A test rig was then constructed based on the optimum design values and some experimental investigations were conducted. A good correlation was observed between measured and the finite element results.



A. Piezoelectric energy harvesting; B. Optimization; C. Taguchi method; D. Multimode harvester; E. Finite element model


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