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Parametric Study and Numerical Analysis of Empty and Foam-Filled Thin-walled Tubes under Static and Dynamic Loadings

L. Mirfendereski, M. Salimi, S. Ziaei-Rad

International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, Vol. 50, pp. 1042– 1057, 2008



In this paper the crushing behavior of thin-walled tubes under static and dynamic loading is investigated. First, a finite element (FE) model for empty thin-walled tube was constructed and validated by available experimental and numerical data. The comparison between the FE results and the existing numerical solutions as well as the available experimental results showed good agreements. Next, a model for the foam was adopted and implemented in an in-house FE code. The implemented isotropic foam model was then used to simulate the behavior of foam-filled tubes under both static and dynamic loadings. Good agreement was observed between the results from the model with those obtained by analytical relations and experimental test data. The validated FE model was then used to conduct a series of parametric studies on foam-filled tapered tubes under static and dynamic loadings. The parametric studies were carried out to determine the effect of different parameters such as the number of oblique sides, foam density and boundary conditions on crushing behavior of rectangular tubes. The characteristic included deformed shapes, load–displacement, fold length and specific energy absorptions.



Crash; Rectangular tubes; Foam-filled tube; Energy absorbers


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