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A review on design of bladed disk systems

E. Rsaisi Estabragh and S. Ziaei-Rad

Journal of Vibration and Sound, Volume 4, Number 8, September 2015, Pages 25-38



The disc and vane system is a strong dynamic system that tolerates a lot of vibrations. This system has many applications in various sets such as pumps, fans, jet and airplane engines, ships and gas turbines. In this article, the history of modeling, simulation and analysis of disk and vane system vibrations is reviewed with emphasis on the progress made in the last decade, which leads to better prediction and understanding of the maximum response of unbalanced disk and vane system. For this purpose, the vibrations of balance and imbalance systems are discussed and the model used in previous studies is mentioned. In the following, the maximum coefficients obtained for unbalanced systems are given and the methods of reducing the maximum response are stated. Finally, the problems and limitations of the design of these systems in the industry have been investigated. The results indicate that the vibration response of the system is sensitive to the presence of misalignment and by slightly changing the characteristics of each vane, the maximum response increases significantly. It is also appropriate to use the deliberate imbalance strategy, change the arrangement of blades, use piezoelectric and friction damper to reduce the maximum response of the system. Working in an environment with high temperature and high stress, as well as the vibration of different parts of the system, are among the important factors of blade failure that should be considered in such systems.



A. Disk and blade; B. Balance system; C. Unbalance system; D. Intentional unbalance; E. Design problems


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