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Rotordynamic Analysis of a Small Rotor Bearing System

M.H. Jalali, M. Ghayour, S. Ziaei-Rad and B. Shahriari

4th International Conference on Acoustics & Vibration (ISAV2014), Tehran, Iran,10-11 December 2014



Dynamic analysis of turbomachinery rotors is vital in the design and development stages of turbomachinery engines. The vibration problems that can be occurred in the operational con-ditions may cause damage to the rotating parts of the engine or even failure of the engine completely. For this purpose, effective approaches such as finite element method are used to model the complex shape of the rotor and analyse the dynamic behaviour of the rotor. In this study, full rotor dynamic analysis of a certain rotor-bearing system is carried out using a Ti-moshenko beam finite element model and a 3D finite element model. The lateral vibration be-haviour of the rotor is predicted using 1D FE model and the coupled lateral-torsional dynamic characteristics of the rotor is obtained using the 3D FE model.



A. Dynamic analysis; B. Campbell diagram; C. Unbalance response


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