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Thermal response of DP600 dual-phase steel under ultrasonic fatigue loading

N. Torabian, V. Favier, S. Ziaei-Rad, J. Dirrenberger, F. Adamski and N. Ranc

Materials Science and Engineering: A, Volume 677, September 2016, Pages 97-105



The present work employed in situ infrared thermography to investigate the thermal response and dissipative mechanisms of a dual-phase steel under ultrasonic tension-compression fatigue testing. A classical thermal response occurred for stress amplitudes below 247 MPa but an abnormal thermal response was observed for stress amplitudes above 247 MPa, in that the temperature stabilized after a steep increase of up to ~350 °C. The mean dissipated energy per cycle was estimated based on temperature measurements using the heat diffusion equation. The relationship between the mean dissipated energy per cycle and the stress amplitude was studied, and mechanisms related to the observed thermal response were discussed.



A. Ultrasonic fatigue; B. Infrared thermography; C. Dual-phase steel; D. Ferrite; Dissipative mechanisms; E. Dislocations.


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