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Vibration analysis of a beam with moving support subjected to a moving mass travelling with constant and variable speed

M. Yazdani Ariatapeh, M. Azadi, M. Mashayekhi and S. Ziaei Rad

Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, Volume 29, Issues 1–3, May 2015, Pages 372-390



This study concerns with nonlinear coupled vibration analysis of a beam with moving supports under the action of a moving mass. Two different cases were studied. In the first case, the moving mass passes the beam with a constant speed, i.e. the moving mass speed is not affected by the vertical or horizontal motion of the beam. This means that the problem has two unknown variables namely the longitudinal and transverse displacements of the beam, respectively. For the second case, the relative speed of the moving mass was considered as a variable in time. In other words, in addition to the longitudinal and transverse displacements of the beam, there will be another variable, i.e. relative position of the moving mass which needs to be determined. For both cases, the coupled nonlinear governing equations of motion were derived and solved numerically for different parameters. The effect of the motion of each support, the amplitude and frequency of support excitations were also investigated.



A. Moving mass; B. Moving supports; C. Variable speed; D. Nonlinear coupled longitudinal-transverse vibration


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