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Vibration analysis of bi-stable composite cross-ply laminates using refined shape functions

A. Firouzian-Nejad, S. Ziaei-Rad and M. Moore

Journal of Composite Materials, Volume 51, Issue 8, July 2016, Pages 1135-1148



In this article, static and dynamic responses of cross-ply bi-stable composite plates were studied. To accurately predict the natural frequencies and snap-through load, a set of higher order shape functions were proposed. In static analysis, the stable configurations, the deflection of corners, and the midpoint of the plate were calculated. For dynamic analysis, Hamilton’s principle is used to provide approximate solutions to the vibration problem under study. The responses of the plate under ramp and harmonic applied forces were determined, the effect of shape functions on the prediction of the first natural frequency of the plate and the required force for snap-through were investigated. A finite element model is also developed to study the static and vibration characteristics of bi-stable composite plate. The qualitative and quantitative comparisons between the finite element method results and those obtained from the present analysis are generally good and satisfactory. The developed analytical model can also be used for parametric study and further design modification.



A. Bi-stable composite plate; B. Variable curvatures; C. Nonlinear vibrations; D. Snap-through; E. Natural frequencies


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